Free CDR Samples

First things first, though we can provide you samples of CDR for every other engineering discipline but we strongly advise you to not to copy any material from those in your final Competency Demonstration report (CDR) as this could lead to rejection of your CDR instantly. EA carefully checks each and every CDR report for Plagiarism and won’t tolerate plagiarized CDR report at any cost. Thus getting it proofread with our CDR review service is something you should look out for.


CDR-Report has several Free CDR Samples that have won positive assessment by EA, written by our experienced and professional CDR Report writers. These CDR samples approved by Engineers Australia are undoubtedly a great source for engineers as these samples help them understand how the EA guidelines need to be implemented when writing a CDR report for approval by EA


Kindly note that the Free Samples of CDR Report available with us will be available in the EA database as these samples have been written by us for our clients under our CDR writing services. We provide a wide variety of CDR report services – right from CDR preparation, CDR writing, CDR editing, and proofreading to CDR plagiarism checking and CDR Reviewing.

At CDR-Report, we write all Competency Demonstration Report based on latest Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet, published by the EA and lists the abilities Engineers Australia is looking for. Sample of CDR Report consists of a Sample CPD, a Career Episode Sample, and a Summary Statement Sample.

Ø  Mechanical Engineering Discipline CDR Sample (ANZSCO Code: 233512)

Ø  Aeronautical Engineers Discipline CDR Sample (ANZSCO Code: 233911)

Ø  Electrical Engineering Discipline CDR Sample (ANZSCO Code: 233311)

Ø  Civil Engineers Discipline CDR Sample (ANZSCO Code: 233211)

Ø  Electronics Engineering Discipline CDR Sample (ANZSCO Code: 233411)

Ø  Petroleum Engineers Discipline CDR Sample (ANZSCO Code: 233612)

Ø  Mining Engineers Discipline CDR Sample (ANZSCO Code: 233611)

Ø  Electrical Engineering Draftsperson Discipline CDR Sample (ANZSCO Code: 312311)

Ø  Telecommunications Engineering Discipline CDR Sample (ANZSCO Code: 263311)


The other disciplines for which you can ask for CDR samples for Engineers Australia from us are:

  •  Aeronautical Engineer
  •  Agricultural Engineer
  •  Biomedical Engineer
  •  Chemical Engineer
  •  Civil Engineer
  •  Computer/ Software Engineer
  •  Control Engineer
  •  Electrical Engineer
  •  Electronics Engineer
  •  Geotechnical Engineer
  •  Industrial Engineer
  •  Mechanical Engineer
  •  Mining Engineer
  •  Oil & Gas Engineer
  •  Production Engineer
  •  Telecommunication Engineer
  •  Transport Engineer

Since the CDR Sample, we offer to you have been surveyed emphatically by EA, it implies that they worked for engineers from these controls who needed to relocate to Australia and be qualified to work there. These were the general population who could get their Visa 189 or Visa 190 or Visa 489 (as per the class for which they connected) in light of the CDR we get ready for them.


Why Choose CDR-Report

We assist engineers with preparing their Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) which they have to submit to Engineers Australia (EA) as a piece of the Skill Assessment and Australian Immigration process. We are an autonomous association with an exceedingly proficient group of CDR Australia engineers and writers who assist you with preparing the CDR report and write your Career Episodes – and get them right in your first endeavor.

  •  CDR-Report in Australia have a group of experienced Engineers in every space
  •  Very expert Services in reasonable costs
  •  Giving Plagiarism free reports to ensure that the work is free from copyright infringement

In case you need support to write your CDR, get in touch with us at [email protected] or contact us with filling the form.