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Highly demanded by engineers, CDR review service from is one of the most demanded services for immigration to Australia. Once you have prepared your CDR ,Report that include Continuing Professional Documents (CPD) list, written all the three Career Episodes, and have prepared a Summary Statement, you might feel confident about sending your CDR Report to the EA. Before submitting the CDR report to EA, engineers must get it proofread and make


There are many reasons why a CDR get rejected by the EA, including but not limited to use of irregular tables and calculations, found plagiarism issues and skipping details of company profile and project objectives and many more. Our CDR review service helps you by paying attention to all such aspects which could hamper a favorable assessment of your CDR Report by Engineers Australia.

Issues Needs to be Fixed in CDR Review Service

Besides 500+ Complete CDRs Writing done by our team, we have serviced around 250 “Review My CDR” requests so far.  Though every CDR review is different but there are some common patterns (of improvement) which our team has identified.


Some of the common points worth taking a second look are –


  1. Understanding that career episode writing is all about demonstrating how you as an individual have applied engineering abilities in the work. Therefore care must be taken that you show your contribution and use phrases like “I designed”, “I investigated” rather than the team effort. This is in-fact the most common mistake we see whenever we are carrying out a CDR Review.
  2. Ensuring that each career episode highlights one competency unit and its subsequent elements in detail. Our team has observed that applicants try to cramp in too much in each career episode while writing the career episode.
  3. Another associated mistake (to the above point) which a lot of people do is putting in too much technical details (graphs, tables etc…) in the career episode. While the intention of doing so might be correct (to display technical prowess) but it causes a hindrance in assessing the contribution. Therefore fine balance needs to be maintained while writing career episodes
  4. CPD (Continuing Professional Development) needs to be restricted to One A4 Size Page. Applicants often extend it to even 3 pages in order to include all certifications.
  5. Word Limit needs to be strictly adhered to. For example – As per MSA (Migration Skills Assessment ) booklet, career episodes need to be from 1000 – 2500 words.
  6. Though not encountered that often but improper usage of grammar also pops-up as one of the points worth taking a second look.
  7. Last but not the least, we have also encountered plagiarism a lot of times while reviewing CDRs Report. Trust us there is no big deal breaker than plagiarism. There is absolutely ZERO
    percent tolerance level for plagiarism when your CDR Report is with engineers Australia.

How would you help me review my CDR?

Over 250+ CDR Reviews that we have done, essentially we have provided these broad services –


  1. Making Sure Technicalities are Perfect: As outlined above, there are many finer points that are required by Engineers Australia. Most often than not, these finer points are missed leading to CDR rejection by Engineers Australia. Therefore our team’s first target is to check for these fine nuances in every CDR we review.
  2. Plagiarism Check and Removal: Checking the plagiarism is the easy part. We use Turnitin to detect any plagiarism. But removing it takes its toll since that includes understanding the entire CDR Report. And if there is one thing we are really really proud of – it is plagiarism removal.
  3. Proofreading and Editing of CDR Report: We also help our clients with proofreading (and then editing) of the CDR under our “Review My CDR” service. Therefore if you are unsure about the written quality of your CDR, try our CDR Review Service.


If you want to avail , our CDR Review Service or need a fresh Complete CDR Report, do fill in the form on the side and our team would get in touch with you.

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