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Avail Our CDR Writing Services For 100% Success Rate

Do you want to avail quality and professional CDR writing services for engineers Australia? Well, you have come to the right place. We have serviced numerous engineers in the past with our CDR report writing service, who have made it past EA (Engineer’s Australia).

We provide a 100% assurance to our patrons with our CDR report writing services and aim to satisfy you with expert level CDR writing from our professional writers. Although it is advisable to write your own CDR but most of the times, engineers take external help for the fear of rejection.

Another common reason for people (looking to immigrate to Australia) opting for CDR writing services is tight deadlines and quality. Therefore if you are looking for an external help for your CDR, do fill in the form on the side.

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Monica, one of our most awarded client representative, speaks from her experience –

Getting one’s CDR approved by EA in first attempt is all about understanding the process thoroughly. Put differently, it is about understanding Whys, Whats and Hows of the entire process;


  • Why does EA ask for CDR report in the first place?
  • Why is there a CPD (Continuous Professional Development)?
  • Why does it ask for 3 Career Episodes and not one?


  • What is the correct format of writing a CDR?
  • What is the purpose of each component?
  • Should career episodes be written in Active or Passive Voice?


  • How should Career episode be written? Should I write more about the project or the company or my contribution?
  • How to write summary statement?

… and many more such questions.

Over the years I have realized understanding of these questions hold the key in ensuring that the final assessment gets approved.”

Do you want to talk to our client representative, Submit the form on the side.

100% Success Rate for Our CDR Writing Services for EA

When you wish to take the service of CDR writing services for engineers Australia from a good service provider, you should obviously go for someone who can meet your expectations and provide a level of service that is asked by EA and publicly recommended by people.

Our services have been designed and curated to meet the needs of engineers who wish to migrate to Australia in the first attempt and need help designing an excellent Competency Demonstration Report. So far, we have serviced more than 500 clients with 100% approval rate from EA.

Wondering what’s the recipe for 100% Success Rate? Here is the magic recipe.

  1. We only write 30 CDRs every month. This means we spend quite a good amount of time with every client understanding his/her requirement. And this is the biggest ingredient in making sure that we get 100% approval rate.
  2. Always get the work done by the expert in a particular engineering stream. We have CDR experts in every engineering major rather than generalists who write for every discipline.
  3. Always deliver well before time so that the client can proof-read the CDR. We believe that it is equally important that the client spends a good amount of time with the final work so that he/she is confident about it and prepares himself that his/her CDR is going to get approved by EA.

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