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Sarah, our CDR writing Expert for Mechanical Engineering, says this about Career Episode Report –


Career Episode Report is the real meat of CDR. Whatever the applicant has really done, goes in there. I wouldn’t be lying if I say that it is here, where the applicant should really jump out of the page if he/she wants to get her CDR approved ”


Sarah is one of our our finest CDR Report writer, who has helped close to 100 applicants so far get to get to Australia so when she says something, one has no choice but to listen. 🙂

 Brief Overview of the Career Episode Report

A career Episode demonstrate your engineering work and/or education. It should highlight how you applied engineering skills to your nominated occupation.


A career Episode demonstrates your engineering work and/or education. It should
highlight how you applied engineering skills to your nominated occupation. Engineers
looking to migrate to Australia must apply under one of the four occupational categories
defined by Engineers Australia for Skilled Migration:


 Professional Engineers
 Engineering Technologists
 Engineering Associates
 Engineering Managers


One can check competencies for each of these categories at Engineers Australia. Your Career
Episode Report must demonstrate that you have all the competency elements required for the
occupation category for which you are applying.

To be written in 1000-2500 words, each career episode must look to address one competency unit and its subsequent elements. Each episode may be based on –

  • Any engineering task which you may have undertaken as a part of education
  • Any engineering project on which you might be working upon or have worked on
  • Any particular engineering problem you were required to solve
  • Or a Specific position you might be holding or are currently holding.

Another important aspect to be considered is that it (Career Episode) needs to be written in an essay format rather than a table. However one must number each paragraph to provide ready reference in the summary. Following format is recommended as per EA MSA booklet.


Career episode 1 (paragraphs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc.)
Career episode 2 (paragraphs 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc.)
Career episode 3 (paragraphs 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 etc.)

 Career Episode Report Structure

One has to write 3 career episodes in a CDR; with each demonstrating a competency unit and its subsequent elements. And each career episode report is to be written in an essay format rather than a table.
Here is the format of career episode report –

  1. Introduction: To be written in 100 words, this introduces the reader to career episode and should include basic information like
    1. Chronology – Dates and duration of the episode
    2. Name of the organization
    3. Geography where that particular episode happened
    4. Title of the position held by you
  2. Background: After introducing the reader to the career episode, next comes in setting the operational background of the working/studying. This will detail out things like nature, objectives of the project, your responsibilities and organization chart highlighting your position. Background is to be written in 200-500 words.
  3. Personal Engineering Activity: This is the core of the career episode where the actual application of the engineering ability is demonstrated. To be written in 500-1000 words, this should include –
    1. How the knowledge was applied?
    2. Task which was given to you and how did you go about accomplishing it
    3. Any difficulties (technical) encountered along the way and how did you resolve them
    4. How did you work with other team members?
    5. What all strategies did you adopt including any innovating design?
      Important thing: It is very important to highlight your individual contribution rather than teamwork therefore make sure you use phrases like “I designed..”, “I investigated…”. Rather than “we did…”.
  4. Summary: As the name suggests, this section just sums up the entire episode and talks about whether the project achieved its objectives or not and your personal role in it. Allotted word limit for Summary should be 50-100 words.

 4 Tips Before You Get Down to Career Episode Report Writing

As per Monica, our CDR expert for Civil Engineering, if the following 4 points are kept in mind before one actually gets down to writing the career episode report, a lot of rework can be saved.


  1. Writing a Career Episode Report is as much an ART as it is Science. While EA gauge you on your engineering ability through career episodes but it also cautions not to include too much technicalities. Therefore how much technicalities to include is an art.
  2. Career Episode Report is all about YOU! EA expects to read what YOU did rather than what the TEAM did. Therefore ensure that your contribution is coming out straight on the paper
  3. Each Career Episode is addressing one Competency Unit and its subsequent elements. Competency units differ basis on the occupational category you are applying to –
    1. Professional Engineer
    2. Engineering Technologist
    3. Engineering Associate
    4. Engineering Manager
  4. Take time to proofread your career episode. The best way to go about it is taking a pause and then going back to review it. By this, you will maintain neutrality that will help you have the best output.

If you are stuck with Career Episode Report Writing, do fill in the form on the side and our team will get in touch with you. With experience of writing more than 200 Career Episodes till date (and 100% Success Rate), we are a safe and trusted bet.Engineers Australia most probably asks engineers to write their CDR Report on their own as to demonstrate the communication skills to the assessor. But, if you present a poorly written CDR to the EA, you will be getting your CDR report rejected by Engineers Australia instantly.

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