CDR rejected by Engineers Australia?

Around 30% of the clients we receive for our CDR Writing Services for Engineers Australia, come after getting their CDRs rejected by Engineers Australia in the first attempt! In-fact when they fill the form to contact us, all they write is “CDR Engineers Australia Rejected. HELP!!!”

One can easily gauge their frustration levels by just giving a look at the wrong grammar in the above sentence.  All these people are highly accomplished engineers in their respective fields. They are working in reputed companies and now looking for skilled migration to Australia with their Competency Demonstration Report.

Why CDR gets rejected by Engineers Australia?

The most common reason we have identified over 150 CDRs done for such people is their lack of understanding of the format and expectations. Though Engineers Australia does publish a booklet titled – “Migration Skills Assessment Booklet” which details out the expectation and the format for each component of CDR but more often than not, some lacunae is always left and hence their CDR Report gets rejected.

Therefore whenever we take such clients, the first thing we do is to make them unlearn a lot of things which they have picked up along the journey. It is very very important to start with fresh mindset. CDR Writing is an arduous process and one needs to be focused. One who has got his/her CDR rejected by Engineers Australia in the first attempt loses a lot of steam. Hence the first step our team does is to enthuse them with new energy and confidence that this time would be different.

Common Mistakes done by Engineers which lead to their CDRs getting rejected by Engineers Australia

Our CDR experts team have compiled a list of most common mistakes committed by engineers which lead to their CDRs being rejected by EA.

  1. The CPD (Continuing Professional Development) needs to be in the list format and needs to be restricted to 1 A4 page. Many a times engineers extend it to even 3 pages in order to include all the certifications. It is clearly mentioned in MSA that “not all certifications need to be included”
  2. The biggest culprit seems to be career episodes. Career Episode Writing is required by Engineers Australia to gauge how well you have applied engineering skills and knowledge to the nominated occupation. Therefore only one specific aspect of a project or period needs to be detailed in one career episode.
  3. One must need to take care of the length of the career episode. As per MSA (Migration Skill Assessment Booklet), each narrative needs to be from 1000-2500 words. Care must also be taken to ensure not to bog down the career episode with too much technical details or graphs.
  4. Career Episode is all about showcasing what the individual did in a project rather than what the entire team did or the organization. Hence one should mention phrases like “I investigated”, “I designed” etc… Mostly where CDR Report has been rejected by EA, where CDR has been rejected,  Engineers write about the contribution of the team rather than themselves.
  5. Though each paragraph of the career episode is numbered to prepare summary statement but the episode as a whole needs to be in the essay format. Make sure it is not put out in the tables.
  6. Another big reason we have encountered in CDRs being rejected by Engineers Australia is plagiarism. Different agencies who write CDRs piece together the work by copying from different sources resulting in shoddy output. If there is one thing which is absolutely loathed by EA, it is plagiarism. Therefore make sure your report is 100% original. Hence we always advise our clients to ask for Turnitin report. Although Turnitin is used by universities to detect plagiarism in assignments, but it still acts a reliable tool in CDRs as well.

We have encountered many more reasons for which CDRs are being rejected by Engineers Australia. Do you want to know yours? Just fill in the form on the side and our team will get in touch with you.