CDR Report Sample for Mechanical Engineers (ANZSCO Code: 233512)

CDR Report Sample: Mechanical Engineers 

ANZSCO Code: 233512

The Competency Demonstration Report or known as CDR report format for Engineer pf Mechanical branch incorporates all the important reports, for example, Continuing Professional Development, Three Career Episodes, Summary Statement writing and Curriculum Vitae. The Content of the CDR Report format is as per the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae: Resume in light of a professional format.
  • Continuing Professional Development Report format: CPD Report format plainly clarifies
    the creator’s Engineering Knowledge- 1000 words.
  • Mechanical Engineer Career Episode Report format – 1: “Available Van Project for the Cerebral Palsy kids”- 1900 words.
  • Mechanical Engineer Career Episode Report format – 2: “Study and investigation of
    Sediment Erosion in Hydraulic Turbine by utilizing Rotating Disc equipment”- 2000 words.
  • Mechanical Engineer Career Episode Report format – 3: “Design, Material Performance, Fabrication, as well as Testing of the Single Pot Cook Stove”- 2100 words.
  • Mechanical Engineer Summary Statement Report format: Detail clarification of each and
    every competency element- 1500 words.

Mechanical Engineer CDR Career Episode Report Sample 1

Name of the Project: Available Van Project for the Cerebral Palsy kids In first Career Episode, the creator depicts his work in the venture named “Available Van Project for the Cerebral Palsy kids” that happened when he was as yet a college understudy at Kathmandu University. In this undertaking, the creator was in charge of the advancement and manufacture of the programmed lift utilized for CP kids transportation. Amid this venture he handle the following errands:

  • To alter the van entrance for making the passage less demanding for kids
  • To distinguish the different procedure and systems for lessening the transportation
  • To decide the conceivable answers for lifting youngsters to the school van
  • To build up the outline subtle elements for usage
  • To direct the numerical and plan investigation on the created outline
  • To manufacture and amass the last item to lift the youngsters
  • To build up the last outline show in programming
  • To guarantee the material quality and model for development

Mechanical Engineer Discipline Career Episode Report Sample 2

Project Name: Study of Sediment Erosion in Hydraulic Turbine Using Rotating Disc Apparatus

In Second Career Episode, the author explains the project he was involved in when he was an engineering student. The project he described was his assignment project “Study of Sediment Erosion in Hydraulic Turbine Using Rotating Disc Apparatus”. His key responsibilities were:

  • To evaluate the relation between concentration and size of sediment with the rate of erosion on the blade of turbine
  • To determine the erosion pattern on the test disc
  • To identify the impact of erosion on the turbine blades
  • To evaluate and identify the various prevention methods used
  • To derive results of past research for obtaining results for the current project

EA approved Mechanical Engineer CDR Report Sample 3

Project Name: Material Performance, Design, Fabrication, and Testing of Single Pot Cook Stove

In third Career Episode, the author discusses the project titled “Material Performance, Design, Fabrication, and Testing of Single Pot Cook Stove” that he was involved in during his university study. The main objective of the project was:

  • To conduct research on isolate fire bricks available in Nepal
  • To identify an alternate solution for Indian isolate firebricks
  • To design and fabricate cooking stove with single pot
  • To compare the efficiency and determine the feasibility probability of material used in the prototype model
  • To develop in hands design model of advance stove

Mechanical Engineers CDR Summary Statement Sample:

For CDR Report, summary statement written by author represents all the competency elements required as a Mechanical Engineer. As guided by Engineers Australia migration skills assessment booklet, summary statement comprises of cross references to the relevant paragraph of the episodes. The Summary Statement written with CDR must be in accordance with the requirements of the Engineers Australia.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Sample for CDR:

The CPD list to be included with CDR Report includes professional courses, non-professional courses and private study. Author’s Mechanical Engineering Knowledge is judged based on the CPD provided to EA.


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