CDR Report Sample for Telecommunication Engineers (ANZSCO Code: 263311)


CDR Report Sample: Telecommunication Engineer

ANZSCO Code: 263311

The Competency Demonstration Report Sample for Telecommunication Engineer includes all the necessary reports such as Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development, Summary Statement and Curriculum Vitae of the author. The content of the CDR Report Sample are as follows:

  • Curriculum Vitae: Resume based on a professional template.
  • Continuing Professional Development Sample: CPD sample clearly explaining the author’s  Engineering Knowledge- 1000 words.
  • Telecommunication Engineer Career Episode Report – 1:“Cognitive Topology Control for Wireless Sensor Network”- 2100 words
  • Telecommunication Engineer Career Episode Report – 2: “Design of a long reach VLC system based on an LED”- 1950 words
  • Telecommunication Engineer Career Episode Report – 3: “Design and Analysis of Rectangular and Triangular Patched Antenna with Different Slots”- 2000 words
  • Telecommunication Engineer Summary Statement: Detailed explanation of all the competency elements- 1500 words

Telecommunication Engineer CDR Career Episode Report Sample 1

Project Name: Cognitive Topology Control for Wireless Sensor Network

In first career episode, the writer discusses about the project he carried out when he was studying in a university. The project was titled “Cognitive Topology control for Wireless sensor network”. In this project, his chief responsibilities were as follows:

  • Gaining detailed knowledge on the wireless sensor network and methodologies to control the wireless sensor network
  • Conducting study and analysis of the analogy of migrating birds and development of concept for the new prototype
  • Development of a new prototype for the topology control of a wireless network
  • Simulation and analysis of the newly developed prototype
  • Drawing specific conclusions based on the simulation, and comparing them with the existing prototypes

Telecommunication Engineer Discipline Career Episode Report Sample 2

Project Name: Design of a long reach VLC System based on an LED

In the second career episode, the author gives a detailed description about the project named “Design of a long reach VLC system based on an LED”. He performed this project as a part of his an undergraduate curriculum. Some of the important tasks he performed in this project are listed here:

  • Take up research on the available communication methods for marine communication and the use of LED for this purpose for long range lighting.
  • Selection of the materials required for the design and modeling.
  • Designing and selecting the optimum methodological procedures for recreating the system.
  • Designing the mathematical model of the collimating lenses to be used in the system.
  • Using the Taguchi’s method to obtain the set of initial values.

EA approved Telecommunication Engineer Career Episode Report Sample 3

Project Name: Design and Analysis of Rectangular and Triangular Patched Antenna with Different Slots

In the third career episode, the author explains the academic project he had worked upon as an engineering student. The topic was “Design and Analysis of Rectangular and Triangular Patched Antenna with Different Slots”. The key responsibilities he took up in this project were:

  • Investigation of antenna technology, various parameters related to it, and other minor details
  • Designing of a micro strip rectangular patch antenna for 2.4 GHz
  • Simulation, analysis and modification of the rectangular patch antenna to bring it to our requirement
  • Designing of a triangular patch antenna for dual frequency and broadband
  • Simulation of the triangular patch antenna and selection of a suitable geometry with slot types for our desired requirement

Telecommunication Engineers CDR Summary Statement Sample:

For CDR Report, summary statement written by author represents all the competency elements required as a Telecommunication Engineer. As guided by Engineers Australia migration skills assessment booklet, summary statement comprises of cross references to the relevant paragraph of the episodes. The Summary Statement written with CDR must be in accordance with the requirements of the Engineers Australia.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Sample for CDR:

The CPD list to be included with complete CDR Report includes professional courses, non-professional courses and private study. Author’s Telecommunication Engineering Knowledge is judged based on the CPD provided to EA.


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