CDR Report Sample for Aeronautical Engineers (ANZSCO Code: 233911)

CDR Report Sample: Aeronautical Engineer

ANZSCO Code: 233911

The Competency Demonstration Report Sample for Aeronautical Engineer includes all the necessary reports such as Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development and Summary Statement. The Content of the CDR Report Sample is as follows:

  • Continuing Professional Development Sample: CPD Sample clearly explains the author’s Engineering Knowledge – 300 words.
  • Aeronautical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 1:“Design of Custom Engine Mount”- 1850 words.
  • Aeronautical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 2: “Design and Manufacturing of Cellular Lattice Structure of Gyroid Type”- 2700 words.
  • Aeronautical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 3: “Development and Characterization of plastic/wood Composite Materials from Furniture Industry Waste”- 2550 words.
  • Aeronautical Engineer Summary Statement Sample: Detail explanation of all the competency element- 2400 words.

Aeronautical Engineer CDR Career Episode Report Sample 1

Project Name: Design of Custom Engine Mount

In first career episode, the author describes the project he did when he was working as a manufacturing engineer/ product design engineer in Rotec Aerosport Pvt Ltd. The project’s name was “Design  of Custom Engine Mount”. The responsibilities of the author were:

  • To design parts of the engine
  • To re-design the the parts which were previously designed
  • To assemble the radial engines
  • To control the quality of the mechanical parts
  • To maintain the stock level at the workshop

Aeronautical Engineer Discipline Career Episode Report Sample 2

Project Name: Design and Manufacturing of Cellular Lattice Structure of Gyroid Type

In second Career Episode, the author explains the engineering skills he used in the project work for partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Engineering Science. His duties and responsibilities in the project “Design and Manufacturing of Cellular Lattice Structure of Gyroid Type” were:

  • To design and manufacture the cellular lattice structure of Gyroid Type using rapid prototyping technology
  • To create a model by periodic repetition of its unit cell with different cell size and volume fraction
  • To study the effect of such variation in their compression properties
  • To select appropriate material among available thermoplastics to use as a material to build cellular lattice structure
  • To use Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) to test the manufacturability of the cellular lattice models
  • To conduct post processing on the 3D printed model and make necessary arrangement to run a compression test
  • To run Compression Test to study the behaviour of the Gyroid cellular lattice structure under compressive loads and obtain stress-strain curve and determine other compressive properties such as Relative Density, Porosity, compression Strength, Young’s modulus of the structure
  • To prepare a well-documented project report fulfilling the requirement of the project

EA approved Aeronautical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample 3

Project Name: Development and Characterization of plastic/wood Composite Materials from Furniture Industry Waste

In third Career Episode, the author demonstrates his final project work that he did as his graduation thesis at the Swinburne University of Technology. The Project was “Development and Characterization of plastic/wood Composite Materials from Furniture Industry Waste”. The key responsibility of the writer was:

  • To study the twin screw extruder
  • To prepare a proper formulation of the composite material
  • To carry out necessary post processing of the composite materials
  • To prepare test sample using injection moulding technique
  • To conduct Flexural test, tensile test, impact test, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and Simultaneous differential technique (SDT) to investigate mechanical, thermal and rheological properties
  • To analyse the result obtained from above test

Aeronautical Engineer CDR Summary Statement Sample:

For CDR Report, summary statement written by author represents all the competency elements required as a Aeronautical Engineer. As guided by Engineers Australia migration skills assessment booklet, summary statement writing comprises of cross references to the relevant paragraph of the episodes. The Summary Statement written with CDR must be in accordance with the requirements of the Engineers Australia.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Sample for CDR:

The CPD list to be included with CDR Report includes professional courses, non-professional courses and private study. Author’s Aeronautical Engineering Knowledge is judged based on the CPD provided to EA.


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